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Services that Re-define
Values within Business

The days of Measuring business success through financial metrics alone are over. We all need to make a difference. We help our clients and members build stronger businesses by combining commercial and social value. We call it Inclusive Growth...

We Bridge the gap with a Joined-up approach

It takes a network and a blended skill-set to create and deliver change. Our team and partners brings expertise in innovation, corporate and socially strategy, knowledge to deliver sustainability locally for community and business. Overarching inclusive partnerships to deliver local impact. We work extensively with specialist partners and client agencies to help you deliver inclusive growth...

Our Services & Network deliver choice to suit your needs

Service Time Nos
Redefining Values - Board Culture Workshop 1 Day 8 -15 People
Social Value Strategy  Review & Guidance Bespoke
Supply Chain Review & Guidance Bespoke
Social Value Costs Saving Review Bespoke
Social Value Costs Saving Report Bespoke
Social Value Training Charities / CIC-SE 1/2 Day
Social Value Training Business 1/2 Day
Prevent (Home Office Certificate) 3 Hours 8-15 People
Social Value Community Projects
Mentor Project Guidance 1 Day 8-12 People
Mentor Project Guidance 1/2 Day 8-12 People
Through The Gate Community Project 4 weeks 8 People
Design & Delivery Social Value Project Bespoke Bespoke
Alternative Recruitment Project Bespoke Bespoke
Increasing Impact Through Our Voice - Communications Strategy & Support
Communications Strategy & Planning Support Bespoke
Content Creation & Support
Including web copy, blogs, newsletter content, speech writing and briefings
Media and Social Media Advice & Support
Including press release writing & distribution, media training & social media channel management

Antz Corporate Members & Partners

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