Antz Network

Any business can grow if they focus on money but if it is a combined focus of growing to give, it will change business culture, communities and grow the local economy.

Antz Network was created to bridge the gap that exists between businesses, charities and social enterprises. The organisations based on mutual interest and commitment to giving back to their communities and creating sustainable business practices. Charities are created with a social issue at their core but rely on various types of funding to exist. Businesses often employ a profit first, philanthropy later strategy. Antz looks at both of these issues and joins them in a way that satisfies both parties, cuts down on societal costs, and allows business to incorporate giving back into their blueprint.

Antz enable’s its members and partners to be ahead of the curve delivering Business Led Social Innovation through various routes:

Man Getting an Award Could your supply chain deliver a better service level if you implemented social value within procurement?
  • Membership

    Linking organisations shared value
    strategy, to enable Growth & Giving.
  • Procurement Strategy

    Supply Chain Management Change, a different way to do business, embed core values and best practices.
  • Partner Network

    Branded Network
  • Consultancy

    Align corporate and social value strategy, vision for the future
  • Develop Leaders

    Develop leaders and teams, strengthen authenticity, resilience and focus on personal growth.
  • Antz

    A large part of solidifying Antz’s value as an organisation is careful measurement of the return on investment. It helps to prove to businesses that their investments are affecting positive change (and generating profitable returns) as well as identifies to the community and customer that businesses are looking out for their interests.

Antz Junction

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