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A wise person once said, "Once you are tired of London, you are tired of life." As a person who’s soul is Greater Manchester, I feel a pang of guilt when I agree with this statement. With such a large, dense, and multi-cultural city comes a lot going on and a lot to explore, people come here from all over the world and bring with them so many new traditions and customs that come to be London’s own, it’s vibrant, fast paced and exciting.

However, as an outsider to the capital, you can be forgiven for forgetting about London’s neglected, forgotten communities, decline of industry contributing to elevated levels of unemployment and high-risk crime zones, these communities want sustainable support, to create new opportunities, activities and facilities. ANTZ align corporate and social strategies, enabling business to grow and give back and equally supports community organisations to engage with sustainable revenue streams, empowering them and their communities.

ANTZ launched in London in February 2017, with a private dining event on the river at the Marriot County Hall Hotel, Westminster Bridge Road. The launch was for the London ATOS mentor programme, after two successful years of delivery in Manchester working with over 40 mentees, supporting them with professional mentoring, tailored to support into work outcomes. It was time to launch in London.

Working with three referral partners, Sodexo - HMP Bronzfield women’s prison, Leadership Through Sport & Business and Immediate Theatre. 9 mentors are trained and working with 9 people from our communities, with an aim to support them into meaningful purpose and break the cycle of re offending.

ANTZ are excited to be working with Unilever, who became an ANTZ member in 2017. Supporting their global ‘I am Walls’ programme which aims to support 100,000 people globally into employment by 2020. 2018 will see ‘I am Walls’ engaging with the ANTZ community, supporting referrals onto the programme, coordination and delivery.


Daisy Dixon, ANTZ Director

Daisy Dixon

ANTZ Director