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ANTZ Ambassador Jonathan Rose

My name is Jonathan Rose. I am 51 years old, married with four children and Managing Director of Tier 1 Asset Management Ltd, one of the largest independent IT disposal organisations in the UK.

My journey with ANTZ began by total chance; a real 'Sliding Doors' moment when one of my sales guys met Jen Gillies Pemberton (ANTZ Founder & CEO) at Dabs in Bolton. We were providing IT disposal services to Dabs clients and Jen was just starting off on her ANTZ journey and we arranged to have a chat. At the time Tier 1 was a typical SME organisation trying to do business the right way. We had always been aware of our corporate responsibility and the impact we had on our local environment, but at this stage I would describe our commitment as "commodity CSR"; we did the right thing but it was pretty functional stuff.

After meeting Jen I was invited along to an ANTZ Open Day and was introduced to a number of people who were long term unemployed either through issues relating to drug rehabilitation, mental health, ex offender or from marginalised communities. I was touched by a number of the stories I heard, all from people who were desperate for an opportunity to work but weren't being given a chance. The long term unemployed become "invisible" after a while as they lose their confidence and with it their self-worth. It was at this point I decided to look to ANTZ whenever a job vacancy came up at Tier 1; not to contrive a fit, but to at least give someone a chance where there was an opportunity to do so.

A few of months later I was at another ANTZ business event and Mark introduced himself, and told me that "Jen has asked me to have a word with you!" (as she often does!). He proceeded to tell me his story of how he came to be out of work for two and a half years and how the thought of going back to work was quite a daunting prospect for him. I offered to open Tier 1's doors to Mark and said we could offer him some work experience just to get his head around stepping over the threshold and going back into a workplace. So we set this up with ANTZ and Mark eventually worked for three days a week as a volunteer; Mark was excellent and after three months an opportunity arose and he was offered a full time job. Mark blossomed at Tier 1 and eventually worked his way up to become a Supervisor within one of our Departments. He also started a relationship and now has a little baby girl. We had now started to see a real impact as we moved from "commodity" to "cultural" CSR.

Since then we have innovated even further through our ANTZ relationship with the building of our prison recycle workshops which was created for our partner client, ATOS, who were bidding for a contract with the Ministry of Justice to manage their IT estate, including disposal. On the back of this intiative, ATOS won the MoJ contract! In the workshops we dismantle old IT equipment and provide an NVQ in Recycling as part of the program. l. We then sell the component parts back into the manufacturing process and donate 5% of our profits from this to ANTZ who deliver a "through the gate" prisoner rehabilitation program to help ex-offenders get back into full time employment, apprenticeships, work experience or volunteering. With direct involvement from Tier 1 staff, the impact this has had on the culture of the business has been immense as has the feedback we have received from clients. ATOS have supported this initiative even further through the funding and implementation of a professional mentoring program to the ex-offenders we bring through the gate... And all of this funded through the value we generate from end of life IT disposal!

There is no doubt our partnership with ANTZ has helped Tier 1 grow our business, but as importantly, the social impact we have made alongside this is the real winner!

ANTZ Ambassador

Jonathan Rose

Tier 1 Asset Management Ltd, Managing Director

If you would like to discuss any aspects of what we do or how we could help you, please get in touch email or call my DDI: 0161 777 1040.