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By giving a space to a new enterprise, these individuals will be in a professional environment rather than isolation. This gives organisations the chance to integrate into a network work together and provide not only business services but community support. Antz and its members support enterprise by funding SPACE for micro organisations by providing a place to grow commercially, employ, and give back to local community.

Enterprise Activity

  • 19 charities and local community groups delivering vital services. 15 businesses and 5 CIC.
  • Cost saving to society is measured by space and utilities costs with over £120,000 per annum
  • Activities within ANTZ centre's

Skills Training - Digital Support - Health & Well-being - Work Ready Projects – Mentoring - Social Space -Educate young people against trafficking -Track experiences people with disabilities - Re-habitation for drug and alcohol -Theatre company for adults with disabilities - Adults with learning disabilities promoting inclusion, - Health and wellbeing - Community media and Radio – Website Design / Online Digital - Disabled Children young people and families - Employment for Blind and disadvantaged - Parent Carer Forum - Local amateur dramatic society - Supporting adults with Autism – Yoga & Dance - Sign Language - Support for Deaf children young people and families - CBT, Work ready for hard to reach communities – Community Events - Management Consultancy – Cleaning Services – Digital Design – Furniture Restoration – New Enterprise


    Since first arriving at Antz Junction as a member of the first-ever Bold Work Ready Training Academy I was just looking for a job. But thanks to Antz Junction I was able to start my own micro-business.
    - Daniel Rowley - OMNIPRESENT Services

    SAFE is a "start up" charity which has just entered its second year of operations. When it was first established it was being operated from free public meeting rooms in local libraries. The office facilities have always been increased by Antz in accordance with our need and Antz has brought us into contact with Antz Networks and other support which have significantly leveraged our fundraising efforts. We estimate that Antz, its network and contacts are worth in the region of £35K per annum to the charity, although the actual value of some intangibles is hard to estimate and has not been included. To illustrate this one of the women that we rescued has been assisted personally by staff at Antz and has been able to write a book about her experiences which is to be published by a major publisher later this year. This is set to be a runaway success and has already received significant up front investment by the publishers. Antz has provided a safe place for SAFE and we currently exist in no small part because of its great favour and support for start up charities and social entrepreneurship.
    - Founder Safe Charity

    Breaking Barriers NW is a Charity. We have little money and had no base until Antz offered us space in their new Bolton centre, Commerce House. Thanks to them we have a home, stability, credibility and the opportunity to be part of an organisation who's beliefs we passionately share. The future for small Charities like ours is partnership working and giving back to others who support us along the way and Antz is the ideal opportunity to do just that.
    - Steph Sharratt

    Over the 2 years working with Antz Network Speed Of Sight charity has benefited from the provision of office space and introductions to benefactors who have made donations which have enabled us to build our first car. The continued support of Antz Junction in providing office space and storage space has been a life line for us.
    - Mike Newman CEO Speed Of Sight

    Antz Junction has helped my business by offering me amazing office space in Swinton a great location. Working with Antz Network on give back to the charities it has introduced me to multiple businesses who I am currently doing work with today. I cannot thank Antz Junction enough for the office space this space has helped me improve my business dramatically!
    - Danny Callan

    Improvement Journeys Ltd.provides management consultancy services to help organisations implement quality and environmental standards. We have been involved with Antz Juntion since June 2011, the very beginning of the project. When I set up my company Antz Junction allocated me an office; they made me feel very welcome and part of a friendly community. The aim from the start was to ‘grow and give back’ and my role was and still is to help Antz Junction to formalise the documentation involved in running the project. As my company expanded I was offered a bigger office which I was able to refurbish. Having low costs has been essential towards the setup of Improvement Journeys. Not having to pay electricity, rent and business rates has been a huge help and has taken the pressures off setting up the business and enabling it to grow. Seeing the effect that Antz Junction has had on service users is amazing. People who were lacking the confidence and the skills to get ahead in the workplace have benefitted from the project, got their passion and drive back, found jobs and now have a smile on their face. My business has gained from being a member of Antz Network in 2013. One of my Clients is within Junction Eco Park and I feel my connection with Antz Network and the Ainscoughs is very positive. I therefore cannot thank Martin and Judith Ainscough, Anthony Ainscough, Jen Pemberton, Dorothy Garner,the team at Antz and the service users enough. They have made building my business a joy and I hope that our association will continue long into the future.
    - Jan Collier,Improvement Journeys Ltd

    Better Things is a totally independent charity working with adults with learning disabilities representing their rights and interests while also promoting inclusion, health and wellbeing across Greater Manchester. We facilitate projects and opportunities for people with learning disabilities to take part in and contribute to their local communities while learning and sharing valuable life and social skills. Being based at Antz Junction has enabled us the flexibility to deliver services in the community and engage with other like minded organisations. At a time when our services are in greater demand and funding and resources are more and more difficult to secure Antz Junction has significantly reduced these worries for us. / @betterthings14
    - Kate Maggs CEO Better Things

    THOMAS Furniture Restoration Project& Bike Project THOMAS is Drug and Alcohol Charity based in the North West offering residential and community recovery services. We have been fortunate to work with Antz Junction for over a year now allowing us to develop a Bike Project where our clients can learn bike maintenance and work on there own bikes to allow them to become mobile and travel to meetings and social events. We have also established a Furniture Restoration Project working closely with Carlick and other organisations to upcycle furniture to sell through our Charity Shop in Blackburn and to provide the local community with good quality affordable furniture. The projects offer an opportunity for our clients to gain confidence and offer them a real opportunity to develop skills to help them into employment. Being a part of the community at Antz has been fantastic and has connected us to a whole range of partner organisations and given us a huge network to promote our work and also offer our specialist services to others who made need assistance. THOMAS looks forward to continuing our work at Antz and further developing both projects over the coming year.
    - Darren Parry

    Since our former office closed in 2007, Salford Star staff have been wandering around like nomads, holding board meetings in pubs and people’s back rooms, and having meetings in cafes infused with music blazing out of their speakers. It’s been a lonely time, suffering in cold working from home. Now, thanks to Antz, we have a great, bright warm office with a landline (never had before) and a space so that our readers can come and see us. There’s even an incredible boardroom if we really want to impress anyone. It’s also good to meet the other people who have offices at the Network and we’re hoping to build on these relationships as we get more settled. Everyone is really friendly and the experience has made us feel more like an organisation than Salfordian nomads...We would recommend Antz to anyone.
    - Twitter: salfordstar09

    I can’t thank Antz junction enough for a base and for providing the family room for me to use. As a trainee therapist Antz provider’s a secure and safe room in which clients can come and feel welcome. The open diary being available to book the room has allowed me to be more flexible with bookings, which have proved extremely beneficial for me. Using the family room has also enabled me to have access to other fantastic charities and events at Antz and again this has been really useful to me.
    - Zoe Armstrong Jones - Trainee therapist

    The opportunity to meet the founder of ANTZ came out of the blue. A client of mine called and said can you get to Bolton in 45 minutes, as I was to be introduced to Antz and this meeting will make a huge difference. I had recently left my full time job, and taken a leap of faith setting up AntzWeb on a full time basis and I had taken a call I was offered an office space, large enough to fit a few desks….perfect, as it will allow for my ambitions with my company. AntzWeb now has a permanent base, an office to be proud of, and a wonderful opportunity to grow the business by working closely with other businesses linked directly with Antz Network. I truly believe that being part of GMMC- ANTZ will allow me and my company to grow into the ambitions I desire.
    - Anthony Critchley, Owner, AntzWeb

    We first became aware of Antz through an event, matching community organisations and businesses, and thought it was a great idea. They have offered us various types of support including linking us up with an RBS/Williams & Glyn Head office team who are donating their time and resources to help our organisation grow and develop. Antz have kindly provided a free venue and extra promotion for our BFI funded community cinema 'CINEBOX'. Without Antz support we wouldn't have been able to deliver this project as effectively and we definitely wouldn't have been able to provide free tickets to various community groups and charities, ensuring that people who wouldn't normally access cinema get the chance to do so. Being involved with Antz has introduced us to other local organisations whom we're developing partnerships with to deliver new creative community projects.
    - Tracy and Francesca, C.I.C

    Ancoats Dispensary Trust, the group leading the campaign to save historic Ancoats Dispensary, has joined the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and is now working with the Chamber’s social enterprise arm, Antz Network. Jen Pemberton said: “We welcome Ancoats Dispensary Trust and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the trust. In my work with Antz and the Chamber we have already built some really strong and effective links between social enterprise and business and we are very confident that we can help deliver some similar connections with Ancoats Dispensary Trust.”
    - Amy Grace Whillans-Weldrake

    Proud & Loud Arts is a theatre company based in Salford, Greater Manchester. We formed in 2000 and have grown and developed into an ambitious theatre company seeking to tour nationally and internationally. We aim to create awareness, increase visibility, and ensure that a disability perspective is seen and heard by as many people as possible. We moved into our office space at Antz Junction, Clifton in August 2014. Since moving into the office several of the members have been able to get together a few times a week at the office. This has enabled us to work together on projects for Proud & Loud Arts and has meant that the charity can be run more efficiently and therefore has been beneficial to all members involved in the group. The office also means that we have a space to hold our monthly board meetings. It’s been great that we have been able to find somewhere that is accessible for all our members.
    - Danielle Maycox, Proud & Loud Arts.

    I first used Antz Junction when I was involved with local charity Ear 4 Kidz. We ran a Family Sign Language class on a Wednesday night for 2 hours x 10 weeks but once that course had finished Ear 4 Kidz experienced issues with funding . But we have turned this around as we not have a place to work from now. Networking with Antz / Ear 4 Kids / Breaking Barriers has been a big step in trying to access families with Deaf children so that I can continue to run the course and reach and support families in need. Zienna / Deafserv Ltd.
    - Zienna / Deafserv Ltd.

    Having use of the space at Antz Junction Bolton has been vital to the work of the Bolton Autism Spectrum Condition Support Team. When we developed out service it became quickly apparent that there was little structured support in the community for adults who had just received a diagnosis. Establishing our drop-in sessions at Commerce House has meant that : A) We can provide an easily accessible, community base for people in which to “drop in” for advice and support B) We can create links with Breaking Barriers and their ABAG support sessions and with the carer network C) We are able to work in an environment which is non clinical, easily accessible and comfortable for those people with sensory and social difficulties
    - Occupational Therapist, ASC Support Team

    My name is Graham Heywood and I am the Chairman of Bolton Adult Asperger Support { BAAS}. We were invited to use space at ANTZ Bolton for our drop-in sessions for carers and parents of adults{18 plus}. These take place once per month on the last Saturday of each month and coincide with the drop-in sessions for our 'children' who attend ABAG. We find this arrangement enormously helpful and particularly as the previous arrangement was extremely costly at a local hotel and which in any event had to take place on a weekday evening. Since using Antz Junction we have come to feel part of a 'community' and enjoy the benefit of friendly helpful assistance and a very warm welcome always extended to our parents by Steph and Alan. We look forward to a very long and fruitful association with Antz Junction and can recommend the use of Commerce House to any organisation looking for accommodation that is warm, friendly and with lots of potential to 'grow and Give Back' together'.
    - Graham Heywood Chairman

    Cartridge Care Ltd is a Supplier of remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges to SMEs in Manchester, offering a high level of service and a quality product. Antz Network has provided a great space close to the centre of Manchester. The help a support we have received from the network has been invaluable in helping us to establish ourselves in a very competitive market.
    - Carol Lang, Director, Cartridge Care Ltd

    We are a local Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Group who were based at St Philips church hall for over 90 years. We are totally inclusive and welcome people of all abilities. We are run totally by volunteers and on a not for profit basis. Every penny made is ploughed back into the group for use by our members, in order to maintain the focus of the 50 plus adults and children who meet on a twice weekly basis to learn stagecraft, sing dance and grow in confidence self esteem and ability. We became homeless in May 2015 and with the decline of performance space in Bolton had seriously faced the possibility of ceasing. We were welcomed into Antz Junction and made to feel so very much at home by everyone in Commerce House and without the community spirit and kind generosity of everyone in Antz Bolton, we would no longer be in a position to continue partnership working, sharing information opportunities, best practice and forming local community links "Thank you Antz"
    - Heather Ogden, Chairman of St Philips Community Theatre Group

    @ClarityVoice thrilled 2 B part of @antznetwork our office has grown,our membership supporting new staff,& the network is building business.
    - Frank Owen, Clarity Employment for Blind People

    It seems such a long time since joining Antz, but in reality it is only a matter of months. The progress that my business has made since becomming a Swinton tenant has been really amazing. Through talking, presenting and being introduced to relevant people with comparable ideals I have been able to establish a number of business opportunities. I contribute by making a difference to those that need my support, and I am receiving the support I need to start growing my businesses. This is an experience that no matter what stage your business is at – the benefits you would gain are tremendous.
    - Siobhan Lynott, Owner / Director Blossom White Ltd

    JVA Feedback is a company that offers support and advice to homeless Veterans and Vulnerable Adults within Salford and Greater Manchester, whilst working alongside Salford Armed Forces Veterans Network, GMP, NHS and many other agencies within the consortium of support dealing within homelessness. Antz enables our company to support our clients by offering us with free office space, electricity and WIFI usage, this is a great benefit to JVA Feedback as we offer our services free of cost and rely on public donations and bids to support us. Antz support us with free advice, varied expertise in business, professionalism and many contacts, JVA Feedback has gone from strength to strength through advice received and thank the team of Antz for their continuous support throughout.
    - David Minshull, JVA Feedback Founder

    Being a member of Antz has opened doors to like minded individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations who span a wide range of sectors but unite with a shared vision to deliver business that is good for all. It has been an invaluable opportunity for both skills and contacts, and I would recommend it to any social enterprise or charity.
    - Grace Dyke, Yellow Jigsaw

    I would like to express my gratitude to Antz Network for kindly supporting Insyt Media Productions so we can deliver youth and community focused creative arts workshops for disadvantaged young people living in deprived parts of our community. Since we became tenants at Commerce House in May 2016 we have seen a massive boost in our workshop, attendees status and due to the remarkable level of service and support from Antz Network and tenants we have made some amazing contacts. We are eternally thankful to those who work none stop behind the scenes, who give all their time to commit to supporting organisations, charities, CIC & social enterprises, a service like Antz is an amazing facility in every respect and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for space, support and networking advice.
    - Robert Stevenson, Founder / Project Manager

    Xpress Urself registered as a community interest company in 2016 with the aims to support local youth organisations and provide a music, media & creative arts service for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that creativity can help reduce criminal activity and anti-social behaviour in our community. Thanks to Antz Network we are able to provide a ideal location where our members can attend workshops, learn productive skills and express themselves creatively in a positive environment. Since the begin of our membership with Antz we have seen a massive increase in service users and have received some amazing feedback - Lana Brindle 13 - Thank you to everyone at Antz & Xpress Urself for helping me with singing and my confidence." It is with the help of Antz staff members and volunteers that we are able to deliver productive sessions in a professional setting and see fantastic results. Essentially connecting like-minded people and organisations together to make a positive impact on our community.
    - Ryan O'Sullivan, CEO Founder, Xpress Urself CIC


Martin Ainscough Business don’t survive in a vacuum local community and business thrive together

President ANTZ Network
Martin Ainscough

Jen Pemberton The key principle behind Antz is to “grow and give back”. This means that although through the network, individuals and businesses both benefit, there is also an obligation to give back.

Antz Network Founder
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