Grow and Give Back


ANTZ service consultancy COMBINED with its network of commercial, charity and 3rd sector organisations is the UNIQUE PLATFORM that delivers the pathway to sustainable growth for your organisation while delivering against social value.

Our Mission

To inspire businesses to grow while reducing societal costs and changing peoples lives in work and out.


ANTZ is the GLUE that brings everything together for you and your organisation to create REAL SOCIAL IMPACT

ANTZ success is in ENABLING others to drive SHIFT CHANGES in business and community to deliver social impact

ANTZ PARTNERS with businesses, local community organisations and charities, as well as being RECOGNISED by government organisations such as Local Authority and MOJ to deliver a UNIFIED approach to social impact


ANTZ Challenge #2: Getting Funding
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 Getting funding for good causes and social projects is a challenge.

That’s why we’ve created this practical event. On it, we’ll cover insider tips and strategies to secure and maintain funding so you can keep delivering social projects with impact.

Event Speakers: Wil Woan | Wil Woan Consultancy, Ameena Ahmed | Direct-Path Consulting Ltd, Anne Woolhouse | Resonance Ltd, Tekla Szerszynska | GMCVO.

Price: £195

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